Our first and wonderful day trip will begin from your place, whether it is the Airport or the port, right after we are going to hit the road to the only blue city in the world which is Chefchaouen,

Our second day is going to be just for exploring the beauty of this lovely touristic city, you will dive into the blue magical alleys , which are joins with many beautiful plates, nearby a restaurant where you will have lunch, Due to this city is small  you could discover by yourself by going  down to the uncanny square of utta al hammam to if you want to experience such an outstanding seen.

Taking up with our wonderful third day trip by traveling to the first distinction which is the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis are the main tourist attraction foe Meknes the surviving columns and temple fragments are an impressive, and powerfully atmosphere, sites. Then ‘Meknes ’, which knows as the Ismail’s capital, and which has many different places to being in such as bab mansour gate, is one of the well-known amazing gates in the Arabic if it’s not the in the world. Due to its uncanny pieces , you well take a whole period just looking at its marvellous design, without forgetting to visit Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, this sumptuously decorated mausoleum is home to tomb of Sultan Moulay Ismail. Right after we will have lunch then hit the road to fez where we will have dinner and sleep overnight in a hotel.

After having such a tradition breakfast, our fourth day will be just for exploring the most beautiful imperial city in the north African country, and which has much to do with its lovely sights that ae hide behind the walls. With you guide the madina would be your first place to explore, because fez’s madina its the largest one in Morocco, you can only really see what’s going on by spending hours getting lost in the labyrinth alleys. And after having lunch you guide will guides you to bab boujloud, the most beautiful gate with its gorgeous blue gate leads you straight to the heart of the madina but at this time you can take some memorable pictures of the outstanding monument. After this remarkable experience you may take a relaxing shower at the hotel to get ready for our next destination.

Rise and shine by having a real tradition breakfast, then we will let’s fez behind our backs due to our next place is the Switzerland of Morocco “Ifrane”, it’s really one of the smallest towns which it’s easy to discover by yourself, after that our next stop will be in Azrou passing by some natural breath-taking mountains, and also seeing some monkeys at its gigantic forest. Right after continuing our tour trip to Midelt  This city has a beautiful scenery. at the junction of the Middle Atlas and the High Atlas Mountains, Located at an altitude of 1521 m in the Atlas Mountains, Midelt has a mountain climate which is snowy in, the winter. At this altitude, the mountain vegetation (fir trees, cedars) replaces mostly the Mediterranean vegetation (oak, olive tree, etc.). Then we will close our day by a sleep overnight at the beauty berber town.

Rising with the sun as early as it is and by having breakfast, right after our hitting road will be towards Merzouga passing by Errachidia and the beautiful Erfoud. You will certainly have the full wonderful view of the Atlas mountains, plus you will definitely feel how the lovely scenery transform to reveal hints of the desert as you will be approaching  Errachidia, along the way at the 282 kilometres of the heart taking view of the Ziz valley, and by the afternoon we will be at our approach place which is the magnificent Merzouga . And with you’re well experienced guided tour man you will have a ride on camels to explore something uncanny about saharawe culture . And finally our day will end by having such a remarkable memorable dinner which 0)will be in front of you tents, right after goodnight for the next day.

As you get used to do in this magnificent trip, waking up early before sun gets to rise simply to grape a look at the most beautiful sunrise in you’re lifetime . And then camels will be you means of transportto the lovely village od Merzouga . Erg Chebbi sand dunes where you’re soul would panic and appreciate the spectacular views of this outstanding place. Then after these all we will leave Rissani but after you will be full from having such a tasty breakfast to , Tinghir, and Todra gorges – one of the highest, narrowest gorges in the country . Then we will be able to have a pause to have lunch in Todra’s heart Valley. Last and not least dades Valley will be our final destination in this day where you will so unique transformed massive stones and ricks which some of them known as “Monkeys toes ”.

Another rise and shine day by having breakfast at your place. Our first destination in our eighth day will be Kalaa M’gouna and Ouarzazate along the way of dades Valley . The road which contains many Kasbah which are giving you a numerous beautiful angles to shoot some of you best pictures ever in you’re whole days trip . Mare than that you will be able to have a pause just to meet some  Berber Nomads in their uncanny caves. The we are going to stop at Kalaat M’gouna, which knows also as “the Rose city”, to purchase the rosewater, which is going to l make your linens smell so good a long as your trip not over yet . And we will continuing our day trip to Skoura through birds valley. In the evening we will approach Ouarzazate where we will sleep overnight after enjoying a tasty meal.

Another lovely day which will start by having a real Moroccan tradition breakfast. Right after we will go to explore and to discover one of the most beautiful kasbah in the country, is kasbah Ait Benhaddou , the place where alot movies were filmed like , Babel, Lawarence of Arabia … Continue to Marrakechpassing by magnificent high Atlas mountains through Tizi N’tishka. And overnight in Marrakech to get ready for and other adventures.

Our tenth day will be extremely exciting and special because you are going to explore the major city of the kingdom of Morocco, which is the fourth largest city in the country, and we will rake you to the most well known places starting by Jamaa El fnaa wich is a square edged along with one side by the Marrakech Souk, which is really crowded due to the entertainment on offer changes, the snakes charmers depart. Without forgetting to take a look at the Bahia palace which was built in the later 19th century, intended to be the greatest palace of the its time and also we will visit El Badi palace along with the royal palace which was biult by Saadia Ahmed al Mansour in the 1578(17).besides that you well visit the Koutoubia mosque which is know by many others names sucj as  Jami’ al-koutoubia, koutbia mosque it is 77 meters (253ft) height, plus you will have a look at some Saadian tombs, which they were discovered in 1917 and were renovated by beaux-arts service, and those tombs have, because of the beauty of their decoration been a major attraction for visitors of Marrakesh. Last and not least you will visit a fascinating place with wonderful architecture, it is koranic school ben-youssef. And you last place is Dar Si Said museum.

Rise and shine with a stunning  sunrise, besides such a Marrakech’s tradition breakfast, right after we are going to leave Marrakech behind via this the largest and the well-known cities of Morocco, Casablanca, the largest city in the kingdom, plus it is the administrative capital of Morocco. Although the city looks modern and new but it’s keeps behind its walls an old fashion ancient urban canter, within its souks and an uncanny alleys. Lunch would be somewhere in a fancy view across the see, Furthermore you’re definitely going to visit some well recognized places for instance : the Great Mosque of Hassan II, the neighbourhood of Anfa, the Park of Nations, the Boulevard de la Corniche, and even much more. The we will end it by an other lovely breakfast, then sleep overnight in a hotel to pack up all your stuff due to tomorrow.

The twelfth day will be the end of our rope after having the last lovely Moroccans breakfast. Our driver will transfer you over you airport or the port according to your time table, and this will be the final time unfortunately.

if you have any questions or if you want more information feel free to contact us.